Slow Carb Diet

In his 4 Hour Body book Tim Ferriss discussed the topic about slow carb diet by eating carbohydrates in small amount to achieve weight loss body recomposition. Body recomposition in an idea that teaches the human body to undergo dynamic processes of simultaneous muscle gain and weight loss.

This is generally known as body hacking which can allow anyone to loose most of their undesirable body fats using minimal workout strategies at home or at the gym. Ferriss suggested that anyone who is discipline and serious about weight loss can achieve ideal body weight just as long that they stick to the methods he suggested on his book. His philosophy is to maximize their muscle gain while minimizing their time working out. One of the key techniques that he wants people to do is to utilize his slow carbohydrate food plan techniques.

As you might already know that it is tough to break old habits especially bad eating habits. Removing as many refined carbs and domino meals from your daily menu can be a challenge at first but if you truly want to loose weight then you will most likely act on it. The human body from time to time do crave for various types of foods such as sugar, salt or even meat. It’s not a good idea to deprive ourselves of such necessities but it is important not to forget that these type of food or any food should be consumed in moderation. So for many who like to eat some treats occasionally, simply put them away somewhere you possibly can’t easily see them and tempt you to eat it. You might also want to stock up on other food stuff such as frozen vegetables and tinned pulses. But you might consider cooking fresh vegetables because they are much cheaper and they tend to have more nutrients than the frozen products.

Eating the same exact type of food on the regular basis can be tedious and you can easily get tired of it. What you can do is to enhance appetite for slow carb diet meals by preparing them differently using different spices and herbs. You might already know that herb and spices can significantly enhance the flavor of your meals without compromising nutritional values of your food.

If you are not sure where to start, experiment with some well-known spice blends and use to according to your taste. Buying spices that you can add on your food is certainly worth paying because it can alter the flavor of your meals and make it taste different all the time. Just make sure that you purchase high quality spices since low end spice products has the tendency to more sugar or salt in them. Some spices and herbs you would might want to consider trying is Thai spice blends which can make your meals spicy but tasty. You can also Garam Masala which can change many types of vegetables and lentils into curry type of food. You might also possible try a north African spice called Ras al Hanout, a product made of pulses and spinach.

Ferriss suggested that recording data from the beginning will most like help anyone because their weight loss progress can be use as a motivational factor. Even a small results can certainly make someone motivated because their effort is paying off.

Some measurements should be taken should include the initial weight and body composition so that they can analyze the before and after data.   It is also best if the person to record what they do on the regular basis every other day and even create graphical presentation of their progress in excel. Moreover, it is also a good idea to obtain a digital camera that they can use to take pictures of all the meals they consume. This way you may keep a photographic record that can assist them in determining which meal can give you the greatest results.

Last but not least, the collective data should be use as a motivational factor where they can use it to compare their progress from the beginning until to the point that they progressed and lost weight. They also need to assess which method is working well for them or if they need to make some changes to maximize their results. There is likely to be a time where a person might feel discourage because they are no longer losing any weight for a couple of weeks even when they strictly adhere to your program. Ferriss stated that a person might reach a plateau at a certain point but if the person stick to their slow carb diet program their body will readjust and they will slowly loose more weight and gain more muscle in the process.