Green Tea Flavanols

green tea flavanolsIn 2010 Tim Ferris published a book called the 4 Hour Body in which he introduced the formula of PAGG Stack supplement what it can do for those who use them. The PAGG Stack consists of four important ingredients and this includes the Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic Acid, Green Tea Flavanols and aged Garlic Extract. The supplement is manufactured by Kirkland Science Labs who can ship their products to any customers who live anywhere in the world. The supplement is becoming very popular its ingredients are natural and is effectively helping a lot of people to loose weight.

Tea and Green tea aficionados like consuming tea because of the antioxidant benefits they get from it. But one of many reason that green tea flavanols was integrated into the PAGG stack supplement is because it has an important compound called has EGCG or Epigallocatechine gallate.

The EGCG caught the eyes nutritionists and Japanese scientists back in the early 1990s. In accordance with their studies, the scientists discovered that EGCG has an important preventive properties that hinder the damaging effect of ultraviolet on the human skin, which has been known to cause skin cancer. Additionally, the EGCG has an antioxidant properties and has the ability to reduce the chance of developing other forms of cancer as well.

Tea drinkers might not be aware that there are very little amount of EGCG that can be found in most tea bags that are generally sold in most supermarket. The reason for the depleted concentration of EGCG is due to the fermentation process that the tea leaves must undergo when they are being manufactured. Consequently, the reduced amount of EGCG also has depleted antioxidant effect making them less effective in fighting free radicals which are known to reek havoc on human cells and induce tumor. But the good news is that the PAGG stack contain good amount of Green Tea flavanols. This also means that each supplement pill has sufficient amount of EGCG.

It is understood that consuming the correct quantity of PAGG Stack supplement on the regular basis will help anyone who is determined enough to loose weight. And since there are increased EGCG concentrations on each complement capsule, the user will be capable of see good results to no time.

Ferriss suggested that in able to obtain the same amount of EGCG from just drinking tea, the person must consume multiple cups of tea which can cause the person to uptake dangerous level of caffeine in the process.

In short, to become successful any weight loss programs, the person must be dedicated and discipline when it comes to working out, eating the right diet, and taking the right supplements. If you’re looking for a good dietary supplement to help you reduce weight and provide you an extra boost of energy check out the PAGG stack supplement. As it was mentioned before one of the important ingredient is the Green Tea Flavanols which help induce weight loss and it has EGCG, an antioxidant properties that help prevent various cancer from developing