Alpha Lipoic Acid

alpha lipoic acidThere are myriads of dietary supplements that claims it has numerous substances from Garlic Extracts, Green tea flavanols, or even Alpha Lipoic Acid that are being offered on the market today. The problem is that a lot of them don’t really work and their product offers very insignificant results. Nevertheless, there is one complement that was launched just recently and its offering some promising results. You may need heard of the 4 Hour Body PAGG Stack, a slow carbohydrate weight loss program that teaches folks the best way to make their body use up their extra body fats as energy and loose weight within the process.

The 4 Hour Body supplement also includes aged Garlic Extracts, Green tea flavanols, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These ingredients are natural substances and are considered important factors that contribute to body fats loss and simultaneously induce muscle gain. This article will mostly give attention to the Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA since there not a lot of people know about this important and fascinating compound.

One of the most powerful dietary antioxidants that has been identified is the ALA. This compound has been incorporated in many weight reduction and detoxification and for numbers of decades. Although we generally consume ALA from the food we consumed, it is usually in very small amount and not enough to be considered effective for inducing weight loss and muscle gain.

The Alpha Lipoic Acid was comes in two forms but possess different chemical structures. These two forms are the R-ALA and the S-ALA. These are both Alpha Lipoic Acid, but only R-ALA is the form present in nature and in which we consume in some of our meals. In addition the human body is also capable of creating this compound.

Both molecules include the identical atoms, however they are structured as mirror pictures of each other. The price of manufacturing synthetic ALA is a very expensive process because both the S and the R type are synthesize together and are present in equal quantity. The separation process is what increases the price of this compound. It should be noted that since the S-ALA is not found in nature, it must be synthesized in the lab. This compound was first isolated in a biochemistry lab sometime in the 1950’s.

Additionally, the synthesized form does not have a natural receptor in the human body and therefore it is considered useless when it comes to inducing the body to loose weight and to act as an antioxidant. It is for this reason that only the R type of Alpha Lipoic Acid is utilized and incorporated into the PAGG supplement. The complementary construction R-ALA is known to be an efficient compound for inducing successful weight reduction and act as an effective antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.

As it was mentioned before the R-ALA is one of the four important compounds that are added into the PAGG supplement because it has the capacity to neutralize free radicals and initiate the breakdown of body fats. Because the S-ALA is assessed as non-toxic and does not pose any problem to the human well being, due to this fact consuming it is not going to create and opposed effect.But users should not be alarm about consuming S-ALA in small quantities since it does not create any known adverse effect to the human health.

Nonetheless, latest analysis means that the chemical pathways of ALA metabolism might drive a aggressive effect inside the cells of the body – the S-ALA truly reduces the effectiveness of the R-ALA. The only downside about consuming the S-ALA type is it interferes with the R-ALA metabolic pathway and reduces its effectiveness in the process. There were also small number of users who complained about having mild gastric discomfort when the compound is taken by itself. However, there were no reported issues when a supplement with incorporated ALA compound has been consumed.

Kirkland Science Labs’ PAGG Stack is at  the only offering supplements that has the pricier R-ALA since it is the important type of the two substances. Users must adhere to the 4 Hour Body philosophy by eating the right diet, exercising properly, and taking the right supplement with Alpha Lipoic Acid so that they can see good results and achieve their weight loss goal at the same time.