PAGG Stack Supplement

4hb stackThe 4HB Stack was developed by Kirkland Science Labs and made sure that this particular product complied with nutritional requirements that Tim Ferriss suggested on his book called the 4 Hour Body. The developer created this supplement to ensure high grade quality vitamins and nutrients are incorporated into it. According to their studies, the manufacturer discovered that PAGG supplement is more effective and delivers a greater impact on slow carbohydrate diet when its in a capsule form rather than in a tablet form.

What is even more attractive about using the PAGG Stack supplement is that person is only required to take a maximum of four separate capsules on the daily basis. In contrast, those individuals who make home-made stacks must consume at least for or five times the quantity to obtain similar results. The results from taking this supplement is very promising and people will see the difference just as long that they maintain their regular intake and commit it with total dedication. There have been studies that were conducted regarding the difference between capsule and table form of PAGG Supplements. Even though capsules are larger in size compare to the smaller dimension of tablets, many users claimed that they prefer to swallow the capsule form simply because it has a smoother surface and the content inside are made of liquid substances making it easier to go down their esophagus. Additionally, the capsules form are also known to be more pleasant in regards to its odorless scent and no bad aftertaste. The absence of bad after taste is very important since PAGG stack supplements contain high concentration of garlic, which can create bad odor if taken in large quantities on the regular basis.

PAGG Stack supplement are made with natural ingredients that are widely available everywhere. But, what Kirkland Science Labs did is it used the best and highest quality of ingredients to create their PAGG stack supplements. Two of the key ingredients are the Green Tea Flavanols and the alpho lipoic acid or ALA. The manufacturer used a particular form of ALA of supplement which is the ‘R’ form of alpha lipoic acid. This type of alpho lipoic acid is considered to be a volatile antioxidant and is less readily available than its counterpart the ‘S’ form. This volatile substance has the tendency to degrade when it gets exposed to the air or sunlight. Additionally, it readily reacts with various kinds of tablet binding ingredients as well. As a consequence, each PAGG stack supplements are encapsulated inside by an opaque red and blue color capsule. This will ensure that the ingredients inside the capsule remain unreactive and preserve its quality until it gets consumed.

The red and blue trademark colors of Kirkland’s PAGG Stack supplement capsule safely houses the ingredients inside which easily dissolves once it encounters the low pH environment inside the human stomach. It is suggested that these supplements should be taken ten minutes prior to consuming a meal. The reason for this is that the contents inside the supplements are known to react very fast and reaches bloodstream in no time. It should be noted that the PAGG stack supplement has the ability to enhance the reaction of the insulin which is consider a great advantage for those who are on a diet.

Even though the table supplement comes in various forms that are designed to be absorbed efficiently by the body, the capsule form is designed to deliver specific task once it is consumed. The reason that the tablet forms are smaller in size than capsule forms is because they are manufactured in an environment where they are exposed in a very high level of pressure to make them compact in size. Although they are easy to swallow, the compactness of these tablets will take longer to dissolve and delay the release of the essential ingredients after it have been consumed by the user. The full intention of consuming PAGG stack supplement is to create a fast reacting effect within twenty minutes from the time it has been taken. This will make the user feel the effect of the supplement and will be ready to workout when they arrive in the gym or workout area. Besides the supplements, Ferriss also discuss the slow carb diet in his book. This technique is to help people reduce their carbohydrate intake.